One more time…..I guess

Wow we have been so busy i don’t know where the time has gone. Lets start with whats been going on with Ken and myself, we finally manged to get out camping this past weekend, it was the first time this summer and it was wonderful. Nice relaxing weekend, my parents came out on Saturday and brought a birthday cake for Ken since we have not seen them since his actual birthday. It was so nice to just sit by the fire, visit and have a few drinks and relax.

Speaking of relaxing i have decided that i need to try and relax some more. I have been very busy and i know its taking it toll on me. I have had a few doctor appointments and yesterday got told that I have another inguinal hernia, this time on the right side. I am now waiting for a referral to a surgeon, I honestly dont know if i can go through this all over again. When the doctor told me i just kind of sat there and said okay, so many thing went through my head at that moment. I got so overwhelmed that i forgot to ask him about my wrist which i hurt bad about a week ago.

If i am 100% honest, which i like to be one thing that really worried me was that if i get called for surgery before Ken gets back to a full time job can we afford everything. I had gotten myself so worked up that when i get to the truck i was in tears after leaving the doctors office. This is from YEARS of habit, years of living pay cheque to pay cheque, its an old way of thinking that i have a hard time of getting rid of. I forget that we have Young Living and that it has replaced the income that we got from Ken working full time.

So now that i have gotten over panic mode and had some time to think about things i know we will be okay. Out business is doing great, I have been putting my education to work and been talking to people about issues they have and using my aromatherapist diploma and my holistic pain management diploma and helping people which in turns seems to be helping our business.

Now it is just playing the waiting game for my consultation with the surgeon. I was warned that with everything going on with covid still it could be a few months before i hear anything.

I am so thankful that we decided to take a chance when we did and get our kit, i never though that so much would have changed in our lives a little less than 2 years later and that we would be relying on our Young Living business to pay the bills. It was never my intention of doing this as a business at the time but i guess the universe had different plans then we did which i am thankful for.

If you are in the same boat we were and worried about how long you will have a job or your future with what ever company you are with and want any more information on starting your own journey then please reach out to me, my greatest joy comes from helping people live healthy, joy filled lives.

Exciting day

Okay so in my last blog post i said we were working our business more, the rally got the fire burning again and that is what we are doing.

So with today being Ken’s birthday we decided it would be a great day to run a contest, so today we are going to enter everyone who is on our team and places a 75 PV order into a draw, we will draw 3 names and the people we draw will win a prize. Everyone already on our team got an email informing them of this last night. Then this morning i got the idea to sweeten the deal a bit and added in that anyone that is not already on our team who signs up and orders a starter kit today will get 5 entries into the draw.

This has got people all excited today, we have had quite a free people placing their orders already.

If you want to start your journey to healthy living for you and your family and get in on this chance to win a prize then click on the link below and sign up and get your starter kit ordered before 1159 PM today.

Hold my beer and watch this

Hello everyone, I know its been a while again since my last blog post but here i am again.

Things have been crazy around our house, one thing about everything that going on in the world is we have been getting tons and tons of stuff done around the house which is nice.

Another big thing just happened this past weekend which was the Young Living International grand convention. This was kid of bitter sweet for us, this should have been the first year where we were going to go to Salt Lake City and attend it. We have seen pictures and videos from friends of ours that have been before the energy and excitement was a big draw for us. Well needless to say that with the world the way it is right now the convention got changed to being an online one. It was 4 amazing days, so much learning and education and SO many new products that were launched. We both had a great time but I think if it had been in person surrounded by like minded people it would have been more energy filled.

One big thing that was announced during convention was the Dream 500 contest, this contest will run from July 1 to Sept 30 and the top 500 people win prizes with the grand prize being that the top 100 people will win an all expenses paid trip to Bora Bora in February.

I will admit that i have been neglecting my Young Living business the past little bit, I got discouraged by trying to do things on line, I am very much a people person so the switch from being able to do sip & sniffs and meeting up with people for coffee i have had a hard time with. Also i have had members go in active, which will happen all the time but when this happens i feel like i have failed them and myself.

So now after convention I have a renewed passion, the fire has been lite again and the added bonus of the possibility of winning a trip is just the icing on the cake.

Ken and myself have both been reaching out to people since convention started, we have some people that have been on the fence for a while and they were the first ones we reached out to, things are starting to move again. People are answering, they want information and a few even want information on the business side and how they can start there own. This is a good sign of things to come.

So with this new fire and drive its time to get back at it, its time to start treating my business like a business again and not just a hobby, its time to start working towards our dream again of financial freedom and more then anything time freedom.

With my Aromatherapy accreditation and the fact that i just finished my Holistic pain management course (wish me luck, i did my exam this morning) i have more tools and knowledge to help even more people on their wellness journey.

If you have ever wondered how you can start on your own path towards financial and time freedom them please reach out to me and we will help you start as well. There is nothing more valuable in this world then time, time for yourself, time to follow your dream and time to spend with your family.

If you want to start right now, if you have a passion for helping people, if you want better health and more natural options for your family and dont want to wait for me to get back to you then click on the below link and get your starter kit ordered today, you will also have a chance to win a trip to Bora Bora just for helping people. When you sign up i will be notified and will be in touch within 24 hours and will be here to help and guide you for your entire adventure.

Change is in the air

Well it has been a while since i have been here, time got away from me to say the least.

The past few months have been challenging for everyone but things are slowly getting back to normal or at least a new normal.

I have heard a few people say that if you don’t come out of this quarantine without learning anything then you have just wasted time, with this in mind i set out to learn.

I looked around and found some courses through the Karen E Wells training academy that really interested me. I went and enrolled in the accredited Aromatherapist diploma course and did that one, I filled out the final exam and sent it in. A few days later i got an email with my diploma in it….right on, this was something i had thought about for quite a long time.

After that course i was looking and saw a course for Holistic pain management and thought why not give that a try, the 2 kind of tied together. This one was a little more involved, i did all my sections for it and right now I am working on putting what i learned into practice. For this course it says that you must wait at least 2 months before doing your final exam, that is what i am doing right now, practicing what i learned so i can describe the results i get from it.

For me this is a very good course, i have been using the methods that i learned on myself to control the pain i get from the hernia and the nerve pain that resulted from my last surgery. I have also been helping family members manage their pain with what i have learned.

I have to say that when i was in high school i hated it, i spent more time out of school then i ever did going to class. It got to the point where i finally just quit going. Now dont get me wrong i would never tell anyone to drop out of school but for me this was probably one of the best things i have done to shape my life.

At 17 i quit school, I had to go get a full time job which i did. This forced me to grow up quickly. I had to become an adult, i had bills to pay. For a few years i worked in a grocery store as an assistant produce manager, i worked in the front end as the assistant head cashier for about a year before it was time to move on to something else. I spent a jumped between a few jobs and then a friend of mine suggested becoming a school bus driver and i did that for the next few years. At 19 i was driving a 72 passenger school bus, the time off was a great perk but the pay sucked.

One plus to being a school bus driver is that you get all summer off, i spent a few summers thinking about going back to school but never did. One thing i did realize while in this spot in my life is that a high school diploma is VERY important when you are out in the real world trying to get a good job so i went and wrote my GED exam and got my diploma.

My last year driving buses Ken and myself were already dating and his sister worked for a trucking company. they needed a PT summer dispatcher and asked me if i wanted to apply, i did and started there the next day. I loved this job and did it all summer, when the summer was coming to an end and i was getting ready to leave this job and go back to driving a billing job opened at the trucking company so i applied, it was full time and had benefits, i got that job working afternoons. I stayed with that company for quite a few years before it was time to move on again.

From the trucking company i took what i had learned and moved into Air and ocean freight, this was a short lived experience for me….i hated it, after coming from such a quick paced environment like trucking to air and ocean was like night and day, this new environment was SO slow. Thing take way longer to move over the ocean then they do on a truck. As i said it was a short lived experience for me, less then 3 months and it was time for a change.

This is how i ended up where i am now, back in trucking doing a job that i like…..most days. I have worked my way up the ladder, i manage my own department, i have staff that work for me and do a great job and i have been doing this job for just over 13 years.

With all that i can honestly say that i sometimes wonder what would have happened and where i would be now if i have just finished my last year of high school, would i be in the same place ? Would i have gone to school back then a taken holistic health since it is something i have always been fascinated with, would I have gone a completely different direction and like most of the people i know ended up in oil filed.

I dont know what would have happened back then and i cant change my past but one thing that i do know for sure is since i have been involved with Young Living and in growing my business with them is that a fire has been lit again and i have something that i am passionate about….well 2 things, helping other people live a healthy lifestyle and my passion in natural health.

Now that i am 40 i sometimes look back at the path that i took in life and i realize that i didnt make it easy on myself. I have been working full time way longer then i was in school, i have done all kinds of jobs that i didnt like because i needed a job and didnt have an education to get the job i really wanted. This is what i am changing now, i am working on getting the education so that i can do the job i have always wanted and i will be able to help people and make a difference.

Getting creative

Hello everyone, I hope you had a fantastic weekend. Around here the weather was amazing, it was sunny and a great weekend to be outside, even if we cant go far.

So the last few months i have been doing something that i love to do and lets me explore my creative side, I have been making wreaths, Back in December i decided i would make one for each month to hang on the front door. Most people just hang one up when they pull out all their holiday decor and hang it for a month and then take it down, then the door is naked the rest of the year.

I got on pintrest and looked up some ideas and off i went, i made a winter wreath for January, it had a burlap base and then i decorated it with a pair of kids mitts from the dollar store, some pine cones i painted white, a twigs i also painted white, a black and gray scarf i cut into strips and pushed in with the burlap, I think it looked amazing.

Then for February i made a valentine one, it was all white, pink and red, i decorated it with valentines stuff i found at the dollar store, i got so many complements on this one

Then onto March, i had so many things going on in March that i kind of just through this one together, it did not come out the way i pictured it and i have to say that it is my least favorite but i hung it on the door and went with it, this is one i will be taking apart and remaking at some point. We were getting ready to leave on a 14 day cruse when i made this one and i wanted something that said beach.

In April we still have so much snow and it was still very cold but i figured that spring was around the corner, we needed something that made you smile when you saw it. Now typically i would go to a big craft store for my flowers but low and behold they are closed with this pandemic so i had to settle for dollar store flowers, like the old saying goes when life gives you lemons make lemon aid.

Now here is the fun, May. What to do for May, well i got inspired by watching everyone talk about drinking while being stuck at home, seems like the liquor stores must be doing good business.

A few years ago my parents and Kens parents bot gave us a ton of wine making supplies, we have enough wine making stuff we could do 8 batches all at the same time, i think they must think we drink a lot, as a side note we have only ever used it once LOL. So i went and rummaged in the basement and found bags and bags of corks. I grabbed them and went and grabbed my hot glue gun and away i went, i spent most of 3 hours hot gluing 200 corks to a metal wreath form. I had a few left over flowers i bought for April that i didn’t end up using so i grabbed them and a ribbon. In the end i am very happy with the way this one turned out and cant wait for May 1st to hang it up.

SO with all this creative energy flowing and mothers day right around the corner i decided that i will make both of our mothers a wreath for mothers day, typically we would go to the greenhouse and get them gift certificates so they could get their flowers but all the greenhouses are closed and who knows when they will reopen.

I put on my thinking cap and grabbed my Ipad and opened up Pintrest. I found some Pussy Willow wreaths and thought i could make those and its the right time of year. Saturday morning i told Ken we had to go for a drive cause we needed Pussy Willows. We jumped in the truck and off we went. We drive around the country side for about 3 hours and by the time we were done the back seat of the truck was full.

Once we got home thats when the fun started, i had branched between 1 ft and 4 ft long and i had to cut them all down so that the pussy willow was the main attraction, we sat on the deck for a few hours and trimmed everything, when we were done this i had a table that was covered is twigs between 4 inches and a foot long. I then took these and started to make bundles with 15 to 20 twigs in each.

When i had about 20 bundles done i now had to figure out how do i attach these to a metal wreath form and i figured i had the best solution…..bailing wire. I know most people would use floral wire but i dont have any and who knows where to find it right now. When all was said and done i think it turned out pretty good. I took this picture and then kept adding a few and trimming it up a bit, it might need a bit more trimming before they are ready to go to our mothers.

So if you are tired of being stuck at home then take a look around the house and yard and see what you have that you can make something out of. Find something that will stimulate the creative side of your brain and enjoy the day.

Hope this post finds you all well and healthy.

Another day

Good morning everyone, i hope you are having an amazing day so far.

So if you read my last post you know that things have been a bit rough around here, its trying times all over the place. As an update things have gotten better. We talked and I think part of it is we have just been spending WAY to much time together. Typically I would get up and go to work, Ken would stay home and work his Young Living and then when I get home from work we would spend time together. Well with everything going on right now in the world that has not been happening, we are both working from home and spending 24/7 together. We usually do a lot of things together but we don’t spend all of our time with each other without interaction with anyone else.

At this point in time the Canadian government is saying they dont really see an end in site for when things can get back to normal or when people will be able to go back to work. I am one of the lucky ones, my job in trucking classifies me as an essential service so at least I still have a job and I am able to work form home. We know so many people that are without a job now.

After I wrote the other day I realized how angry and hurt I still was so I pulled out my essential oil desk reference and looked up anger. It said to look up Release, when I did that this is what I found.

Page 160 from the Essential oils desk reference

So armed with this information I went to my oil kit and low and behold I have a bottle of Release, it must have been a free oil at some point because i am sure i never ordered it. The advantage of being in Essential Rewards with Young Living, you get all kind of free stuff.

So I opened up the bottle and did exactly what it said in the book, put some in the diffuser, some on my hand to rub over my liver, some behind my ears and started the day. I also went to where Ken was in the living room and told him to lift his shirt and applied it to the same places on him and filled the diffuser in the Livingroom where he was.

By about noon i was feeling a bit better, by the end of the day I was feeling much much better.

I am continuing to use Release today, i have done the same thing as yesterday, i figure this didnt happen over night and its not going to go away over night but i think we are on the right track.

So if you have feelings if hurt and anger and you need some help i would strongly suggest Release. Here is what the bottle looks like, please never mind my messed up finger nail, that’s what’s left from when I slammed it in the car door.

If you or someone you know could benefit from Release but don’t have a Young Living account follow this link and set up a free account, there is never any commitment to every buy anything but once you see and try the products i am sure you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner 🙂

Well thats all i have for now, I hope you are staying safe and happy. Have a fantastic day and remember together we will beat this thing.

Decision time

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well and staying safe.

Do you ever get to times in your life where you just have to stop and take a look around, look at the way that things are going and realize that it is nothing like you thought it would be. Well that’s pretty much where I am right now.

I don’t know if its because of everything that’s going on in the world right now and having been stuck at home for over a month but I have been doing a lot of soul searching these past few days and I know come to realized that some things need to change.

Friday was my breaking point, Ken and myself has a big argument and a lot of things came out, a lot of things that I am sure we both should have said a long time ago before it got to this point but we didn’t and as I am sure you know everything comes out in the heat of the moment. Since then I have come to realize that a few things need to change. I have been wondering if its just because we have been stuck at home with each other for weeks on end or if we are just growing apart, I guess only time will tell on that one.

In the mean time while we work on us I have decided that I also need to work on being me. Over the last 14 years of being married I realize that both of us have given up stuff that we used to love doing for one reason or the other, this is something that i cant do anymore and will not do anymore. I need to get back to doing things i love, gardening, hiking, fishing etc. So with this said he also needs to get back to the things he loves to do. If in the end we grow stronger then that is a plus, if we grow further apart then that will tell us what we need to do. Don’t get me wrong I believe that a marriage is something that is worth fighting for, we made vows to each other and those are promises that need to be kept….if you can.

Anyone that tells you a marriage isn’t work is lying, you have disagreements, you will not always want to do what the other person does and you will not always like the same people or things but you work at it. The question becomes when does working at it just become work. You can love someone but that doesn’t always mean you will like them and right now this is pretty much where we are. So with that said its time to start being ourselves and hopefully it will push us together.

I love my Young Living and will continue to help people, especially right now when so many people are looking for natural health solutions and more ways to earn income. If we are able to I am thinking this summer i will book a week off work and take Scooby and go camping and hiking, just the 2 of us. Sometimes this is time i need to find myself again. Its so easy to loose yourself when you spend all your time looking after someone else.

This is also going to be a tricky time and I am standing a the edge of a cliff, if you have read my past post you will have read that I have battled depression on the past, right now it would be an easy side step to go from a positive outlook to one of despair, I know that I need to pay attention to the self talk in my head and where my mind is going. I will always need to keep this under control if I have dark days. The funny thing is most people that know me would never suspect that this is an issue i would ever have to deal with, I can put on a good front when i need to and be the happy perky person on the outside while on the inside it just feels like then end.

So I have a plan, the wheels are turning and only time will tell where we go form here. Wish me luck.

How are you doing?

Hello everyone, Its been awhile since I was last on here. Life has been crazy around here as i am sure it has been for everyone.

So I want to ask everyone a questions…..How are you doing?

This is a question that does not seem to be getting asked enough. The entire world is effected by Covid-19 right now, people are loosing jobs left and right, stores and restaurants are closed, hospitals are over run with people, the entire world is practicing social distancing.

For us we left for a cruise on February 27 when this is no where as bad as it is now, it was an amazing 14 days away for my 40th birthday. We where kind of cut off from the world so it was a bit of shock when we got back into port and found out haw bad everything had gotten.

So with that being said, it brings me back to my question……How are you doing ? How is your family doing ? what are you doing to manage the stress?

In our house everyone is doing good, everyone is healthy at this point. The social distancing is driving me a but crazy since I love to entertain and get together with people. I believe that humans were not meant to be cut off from each other, we are by nature social beings.

In an attempt to stay healthy we have been following the 4 pillars of health. These 4 pillars are what your body needs to function the way it was meant to.

The first pillar is Ningxia red, each day we both have 2 oz of this amazing drink.

The Ningxia wolfberry is hailed as the most nutrient dense food on the plant. Ningxia red is also infused with 100% pure essential oils.

The second pillar we have been using is Omegagize

Omegagize combines the power of three core daily supplements, omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin D-3 & CoQ10. These supplements combined with our 100% pure essential oils blend to create an omega-3 DHA rich fish oil supplement that helps maintain and support cardiovascular system, cognitive health,proper brain function, maintain bone & dental and promotes healthy mood balance.

As a side note on Omegagize this past weekend we had an online rallyand one of the speakers was a nurse, she mentioned that in a test on fish oil supplements they found that 90% of the ones you get from stores are rancid before they are ever sold. So a word of caution, check your fish oil supplements and where you are getting them from.

Okay the 3rd pillar is something that everyone needs, Life 9.

Your body is designed to digest and absorb nutrients from the foods you eat Sometimes in order for a healthy gut to perform properly it needs a little help. Life 9 is a proprietary, high potency probiotic that combines 17 billion live cultures from 9 beneficial bacteria strains.

The 4th pillar is something that i don’t go without, Its is Essentialzymes 4

Essentialzymes 4 is a multi-spectrum enzyme complex that is specially formulated to aid the critically needed digestion of dietary fats, protines, fiber and carbohydrates commonly found in the modern processed diet.

Okay so this is what we follow in our house, there are a few other things that do not fall into the 4 pillars that we do as well, Thieves on our feet and chests in the morning as well as before bed. 5 drops of Oregano + in a capsule once a day, Thieves hand soap everywhere we have a sink in the house and Thieves wipes in the truck so that we can grab one and wipe down anything we may touch before we touch it.

So it brings me back to my question, how are you doing ? is your family okay ? do you need help with anything?

Also in this time of need i have heard from so many people that have lost their jobs and now don’t know what they are going to do. We have something that many people are all the sudden interested in, network marketing….yes i said it, thats what we do but ours is a business that is can be built online, we are VERY busy and still have pay cheques coming in. So if you are someone you might know might be interested then feel free to reach out to us and we will help you get started.

Above all Stay Safe and Healthy

Snow day….I wish

Well here i am again, life has been busy. This past weekend we had a baby shower, a friend of ours just had her first grand daughter and asked us to help with the shower, i said sure because there is nothing I wouldn’t do to help out a friend.

The extent of us helping was making the cake, which I did a 3 tear cake using wedding cake pans and then iced it in dark pink, medium pink and light pink from bottom to top, then we made a huge pot of chili, enough to feed 60 people and the little thank you gifts for which we did bars of soap scented with Northern Lights black spruce.

As a gift for the baby I crocheted 2 baby blankets which everyone went crazy over. The amazing thing about doing a moss stitch is its quick and comes together nicely. I used an extra soft baby yarn.

Needless to say the baby shower went off without a hitch.

In my last post i had talked about how I slammed my thumb in the car door, well its been 2 weeks and let me tell you i did it good. Last monday i went to the doctor and they drilled the nail to let the blood out from under it, then last friday i had to go back for a follow up and they redrilled it with a bigger hole and let me tell you did that ever help. the swelling has come down and i am kind of getting the colour back in it. Hopefully it will heal up quickly before we leave on our cruise on 27th.

Other then all that we worked our business hard again last week, talked to about 300 people over the course of the week, nothing really business yet, more just catching up and building relationships.

I am proud of Ken and his approach to the business, as I have said before he got laid off and has decided that he is going to work his Young Living full time and he is doing it. He is out there talking to people, contacting our current team and doing what he has to to get to Gold at least.

So that is pretty much where we are right now, still pushing through, in the middle of a blizzard today but we are surviving. I still say 2020 is going to be our year, we have decided what we want and we are going for it. There is no stopping us.


Hello everyone, here i am again. I hope you are having an amazing day.

Well as i said before I smashed my thumb in my friends car door last week, it has been black and blue and ugly and really hurting. Yesterday i broke down and went to the doctor to get it checked.

I could not get in to see my doctor so i went to the walk-in guy. Needless to say without an appointment i waiting a long time but it turns out it was worth it. He checked my thumb and said i have broken the little bones at the very end of it, the big bump i have behind my fingernail is the end of the nail thats under the skin. He checked it all out and said there was a lot of pooled blood under the nail and its causing pressure. He then said it would need to be drained to let the pressure off.

Never having been through this before i didnt know what to expect, i have to say it was WAY less painful then i expected. The doctor left the room and within a few minutes came back in with a needle, a bunch of gauze and alcohol. He cleaned my nail, asked if i wanted freezing which i turned down, the he took the needle and pushed it in my nail, within seconds it started bleeding very heavily. once it slowed down he cleaned my nail again and moved to the other side and made another hole, which again bleed heavily. After about 1 to 2 minutes both holes has mostly quit bleeding so he cleaned it up again and wrapped my thumb in gauze and tapped it in place.

I was told to leave the gauze on but before i went to bed he said to take the gauze off and just push a band aid over it so nothing gets in the holes that are now in my nail.

This seems to have helped a bit with the swelling, and the best part I have some feeling back in the end of my finger.

I have a follow up on friday to see how much swelling has come down and if they need to do it again, which i hope they dont but i guess i will find out then.

In the meantime I have been and will continue to use my oils on my nail and around it, Frankincense, Lavender, peppermint, Wintergreen & Copabia. These help with the pain and with the swelling and bruising.

Speaking of oils, Ken and myself have had another great chat and we are doing this, we are working the business hard so that he does not need to go work for anyone else. In the end he will be happier and it will be easier for him with his diminishing eyesight. 2020 is going to be our year.